me FUCK YEAH Long Haired Girls

...for those of us who appreciate the dedication to growing and maintaining long, luxuriously beautiful, sexy hair. Short hair is boring and over-represented on tumblr!

Wear it long, wear it strong!

You know that thing where chicks shave the side of their head?

That looks fucking retarded.

Thankfully, these kinds of hip fads fade away within a year or two because nobody knows what the fuck they really want until they embrace the luxury of long, sexy hair.

309 07.11.11
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    this is the most amusing thing ever i’m sorry
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    I think that hairstyle is called the “I like it and it’s my hair and I’m not obligated to look pretty for you so go fuck...
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    I really want to shave the side of my head again now. I’m not a ‘chick’, but it’s cool for all. Shave your head-sides...
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    Dude. Fuck OP. I loved my shaved head better than the ratty ass thick hair I grew up with. I was spunky and proud and...
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    Hey, hey. Look at me. I’m fucking retarded!! Shame on me for doing whatever THE FUCK I WANT TO MY HEAD. IT’S MY FUCKING...
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    Wow, just… wow. Listen. Can’t you accept what people do with their hair, instead of being immature. I think the side...
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    BAM! Way to show up this dickbag. People who need to make others feel like shit when they talk about what they like are...
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    My hair’s an absolute pain no matter what length it is. It’s thick and can’t decide if it wants to be wavy or straight....
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    The longer my hair gets, the more split ends I get. My hair was a pain when it was long. It didn’t know what it wanted...
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    Agreed. I got it cut in 7th grade and then not again until two days before high school graduation, and for the last year...
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    Long hair is a pain in the ass, and until these people who think long hair is sexy grow their hair out and try to take...
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    Okay, no wonder this asshole doesn’t have an ask box. I really hope they’re just some dedicated troll instead of an...
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    suddenly I have the urge to buzz my entire bloody head you’re getting better and better, OP. You misogynistic piece of...
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    Actually, the problem I had with this style was that it took too much time and effort to keep it short enough :( The...
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    "Embrace the luxury of long, sexy hair"? Seriously? My hair is thicker than your skull. When my hair was long, it took...
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    My head is shaved for my personal health. Its not a fad. People have actual reasons for shaving their heads. Don’t be so...
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    Sometimes I want to cry because the world is so fucking stupid BUT GOOD THING STUPIDITY IS A FAD THAT’S GOING TO FADE...
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    its like a child runs this blog. sometimes i find blogs on here and i’m just like noooo…cannot be serious and...
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    what the fuck is your problem punk
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    Shaved hair is sexy, Long hair is sexy. Medium-length hair is sexy. All hair styles are sexy! Stfu.
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